Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to visit the Madikwe Game Reserve?

    The Madikwe Game Reserve can be visited at any time of year and offers an abundance of jaw dropping sightings throughout.

    Winter (April to August)

    Autumn and winter, with their crisp, clear days and star-filled nights, can be dry, with the bush being less dense and the waterholes frequented more often due to the lack of rainfall. Great for spotting more game!

    Summer (September to March)

    The spring and summer rains give way to green, lush and thick vegetation, and it’s also the time of year where you’ll see many newborn animals in the reserve.

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  • What should I bring and wear during my stay?

    Binoculars and camera with a spare memory card and charger are a must all year round.

    Winter (April to August)

    • Long trousers and long-sleeve tops
    • Shorts and t-shirts for warm days
    • Fleece, warm gloves, beanie, scarf
    • Thermals for particularly cold mornings
    • Swimwear, sunblock, sunglasses and sunhat
    • Walking shoes, socks, closed comfortable warm shoes, sandals

    Summer (September to March)

    • Lightweight clothing
    • Long trousers and long-sleeve tops
    • Shorts, t-shirts and vests
    • A warm sweater for any cool mornings or evenings
    • Swimwear, sunblock, sunglasses and sunhat
    • Walking shoes and socks, sandals, cap, raincoat

  • How do I reach the Madikwe Game Reserve?

    Madikwe can be reached via car or flights to one of the reserve's 2 airstrips. Flights leave daily from O.R. Tambo airport in Johannesburg while road transfers from Johannesburg or Gaberone can also be arranged in cooperation with your lodge of choice. Self drive is an alternative option, but not suggested for guests unnacustomed to South African roads.

    Guests are advised to use the directions linked to on this page and not use GPS navigation when driving to Madikwe!

    Self Drive

    Self Drive

    Self drive is a popular option amongst our local guests. The drive from Gabarone (1h), or Johannesburg (3h30min - 4h30min) is scenic and enjoyable, provided you do not get lost! We have provided a link to printable and detailed directions.

    WARNING: We suggest that guest unfamiliar with South African roads do not use the self drive option! We do not suggest using a GPS system to reach Madikwe!

    WARNING: We suggest that guest unfamiliar with South African roads do not use the self drive option! We do not suggest using a GPS system to reach Madikwe!

  • Is Madikwe in a malaria area?
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    Madikwe is conveniently located in a Malaria-free area making it suitable for pregnant women, young children, the elderly and those who simply prefer not to take prophylaxis.

    This can be attributed to the altitude and relatively dry environment of the reserve, which makes in unsuitable for the Anapholes mosquito, which carries the plasmodium parasite that causes malaria.

    Guests traveling beyond Madikwe to areas where Malaria is present are advised to take precautions.

  • Can children visit Madikwe?

    Children can visit the Madikwe Game Reserve subject to the child policy of each individual lodges. While some lodges do not allow children at all others have active family programs aimed at making your child's first African Safari experience memorable.

    Children under 6 years of age are restricted from entering dangerous game sightings as per reserve policy but will be allowed on bumble drives to view less dangerous game such as giraffe and zebras.

    For more information on the individual child policies of each lodge please visit our lodge site and individual profile pages.

  • What will I see and experience in Madikwe?

    Madikwe offers a plethora of wildlife in an area of great ecological diversity. Most guests will experience this first hand during game drives which go out twice daily at dawn and at dusk. Sightings are limited to a maximum of between 2 and 3 game viewing vehicles at a time meaning that guest can expect close encounters with park wildlife in a setting that is both intimate and relaxed.

    Guests can further experience a direct connection to the surroundings during optional game walks or from their lodge within the reserve.

    Note that game walks are subject to availability at your lodge and restricted to those 16 years and older. Guests over 60 years also require a certificate of health from a medical practitioner to participate in game walks. Please do contact your lodge for more information.

  • How do I book my stay in Madikwe?

    Most lodges in Madikwe do accept direct bookings. Lodges can be contacted directly from their profile pages on this website or via their own websites.

    Guests preferring to book via online travel agencies or traditional agencies are encouraged to ask their preferred agent about visiting Madikwe or visit Madikwe's listing on Tripadvisor, or Expedia.

  • Where in Madikwe is my lodge?
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  • How can I contribute to the Madikwe community?

    Each guests who visits the Madikwe Game Reserve contributes to the maintenance and upkeep of the reserve via their park entry and conservation fees. Guests who would like to make additional donations to the reserve can do so via the PayPal link below or participate in one of the conservation activities provided in the reserve.